I am a writer and editor who has worked with several organizations — large and small — to bring important ideas, the latest research, and points of fact to life. I am also a professional arts reviewer and amateur social commentator. In addition to my work in text, I have eight years of experience in the field of human services — as a clinical practitioner, a facilitator and consultant, and a manager.

At their best, articles, Web sites, speeches, reports and brochures deliver important messages to specific audiences in the most effective way. Let me bring my years of writing and editing experience in these areas to the table and help you determine exactly what to say and the best way to say it.

Much of what I’ve written and edited can’t be published here, but my blog will give you an idea of my approach to text development and writing. Click “on writing” for musings on the elements of the narrative or “on society” for a glimpse into how I see the world. Enjoy!  –> –>

3 thoughts on “Welcome

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  2. Hi KJ,
    I just wanted to say that you’ve always been an inspiration and hope you can continue that great work you do. Every time I read something by you I’m always inspired. FYI enjoyed reading this “Anti-bias “bling”: Accessories to avoid racist encounters By KJ Ward”.

    Although I’ve not kept in touch, you’ve always left a nice impression on me and wanted you to know this.

    Thanks for being you!!

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